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War Robots
  • Developer: Pixonic
  • Genre: Action, Robots, Multiplayer, FPS
  • Version: 7.3
User Rating: Rating 4.76

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Release Date
5 Apr, 2018
Action, Robots, Multiplayer, FPS
Windows PC


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Henry Baker

The War Robots game by Pixonic is a real-time strategy game that is set in a post-apocalyptic setting. Features six different classes to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. There are many modes of play, from single-player skirmishes to multiplayer battles. Product features a campaign mode, where persons can take on a series of missions with a set of goals. There is War Robots free download a battle mode, where players can face off against each other in a real-time battle. Is a robot-themed, user versus user, third-person shooter video game developed and published by the Moscow-based company Pixonic.

Product is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Is a multiplayer online video game in which players control in a battlefield for a multiplayer match. Product is free-to-play and has in-app purchases in the form of in-game currency. The in-game currency in download War Robots is in the form of Gold and Silver. These two in-game currencies are used to buy, weapons, and equipment. Gold is used to buy weapons while Silver is used to improve the performance.


The graphics of the War Robots PC download game is very detailed and well-balanced. Product is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the only remaining lifeforms. It's a first person shooter (FPS) product and the graphics is displayed in first-person. The graphics of download game War Robots are not the most beautiful. 

Product carries the retro look which is not too appealing, but it can be overlooked. Product does not have any major issues with the graphics, but it is not the most beautiful game on the market. All the battles happen inside warehouse. The graphics are not very detailed, but the arenas are very basic. Players can see the other persons. The battles are also basic with just a few animations.


The gameplay of the War Robots play now is extremely diverse and is suitable for all ages. Persons can choose from a selection which include humanoid, quadrupedal robots, and aerial. Is entirely player versus player (PvP) and is played as a FPS. The gameplay at War Robots PC game is tactical and strategic. You must use your to engage opponents in the battlefield. The opponents that you face are other players that are also controlling robots. The gameplay is focused and different type of weapons for them. There are three different types of weapons: long-range, short-range, and special.

The gameplay of play War Robots is not too complicated. Players can try different robots and weapons. They can buy upgrades to make stronger. Players can start a battle by selecting and a weapon. They can also select a map to fight in. There are a few robots to choose from, but they are all limited in their abilities. Players can also upgrade their with different parts. Gameplay is fast-paced and exciting. Can play in one of two modes: battle (team deathmatch) and war (team survival). In battle, players can purchase and upgrade weapons and gears, and can collect and use resources like metal and stone to improve their mech. In war, players fight waves of enemies to defend their base. There is also a campaign mode; can choose which map to play and which enemy to fight.


The War Robots game is an online shooter and the player can engage in multiplayer battles with other players or against AI opponents. There are three game modes to choose from: Team Death Match, One-on-One, and Domination. The multiplayer is the primary focus of War Robots download PC. Is available on both the Apple Store and the Google Store. The game is free-to-play and has in-game purchases. 

Has many players, and is not likely to lose popularity any time soon. There are three multiplayer modes: battle, war, and campaign. In battle, players team up and fight against other players in team deathmatch. In war, players work together to defend against the AI in team survival. In campaign, players work together to complete missions against AI.


The War Robots online game is highly replayable. The game offers the opportunity to use to destroy opponents. The game is constantly being updated by Pixonic. The game offers a lot of replayability because the missions and enemies change every time. There are also many weapons and gears to choose from, so players can always find something new to try.


  • What would be your first robot?
    I would recommend checking out the Redeemer. It's the best for beginners because it's really easy to use, has a lot of health, and has a lot of firepower.

  • How do I purchase Gold?
    You can purchase Gold with your App Store account by tapping the Gold button on the bottom right.

  • What is the objective of game?
    The objective of War Robots Windows is to destroy your opponents with a variety of weapons and equipment.


War Robots install is a shooter game with robots fighting each other. Players can buy and upgrade their fighting robots with different parts and modules, weapons, and more. Besides, that players can play the game not following strict rules, if you want to observe, you can do it. If you want to battle and destroy - easily do it. Also, you can help and protect smaller robots, anything is possible in this amazing action game! Users can join a clan or a team so they can play with friends.


  • Highly customized, personalized features;
  • Different strategies to employ;
  • Multiple battle types;
  • In-game currency is easy to earn.


  • Players can be matched up to players with higher levels;
  • Paid items are expensive.

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